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The most important person in your life, gifted with the authority to express the Truth of who you are, is YOU! When you value yourself and embody your magnificence, life is a wonderful surprise that reveals and reciprocates the highest expression of the Love you are. Oftentimes, we overlook just how thin we wear ourselves. This type of fatigue can leave you tired, depressed, restless, and out of sorts. Personalized relaxation is a way for you to regain your center and find out who you are inside. Before you can help those around you, you must first learn to help and love yourself.

The St. Esprit Spa offers personalized relaxation as a way for you to rid yourself of negative feelings, destructive habits and incongruities that keep you up at night. Sonya Pelletier begins the process by crafting an inspirational CD that takes the most important aspects of your life, captured through audio recording sessions, and puts your most encouraging self by your side.

Personalized relaxation can restore sleeping irregularities, develop peaceful routines to center your day, and provide you with the confidence and understanding that you can achieve your potential.

St. Esprit Spa can help you realize and become who you really always have been. In addition to personalized relaxation, we offer such services as guided meditation, hypnotherapy and energy healing. Contact Sonya Pelletier by calling 978-994-6779 or via email at and take the first step of your next journey today.

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