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There is nothing more motivating and empowering than your own language, helping you understand that you are everything you need to be in order to achieve your goals and everything you hope to accomplish. As soon as you break down the wall that is preventing you from knowing you are perfectly you and beautiful, there will be nothing that can hold you back.

Sonya Pelletier uses a series of interviewing techniques to craft the perfect vehicle for your success. She applies your language to soothing, restorative sounds and music to create an ambient, encouraging experience that you can add to any number of services. Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, inspirational CDs can be used to trigger specific cues you need in order to reach your potential.

Whether enjoying personalized relaxation, guided meditation, self-realization or many of the other restorative therapies offered by St. Esprit Spa, inspirational CDs can enhance the power and meaningfulness of your experience.

Contact Sonya Pelletier today by calling 978-994-6779 or via email and find out how you can change your life.

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