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Guided Meditation

The sound of a soothing voice can be just as calming and affirming as a healing touch or the gentle release of a deep exhale. As you relax and begin the restorative process, guided meditation is a way for caregivers to help you find your inspiration and the power necessary to let go of your stress, start thinking positively and achieve your goals.

The guided meditation process begins with the use of several interviewing techniques to create a completely unique and personalized inspirational CD. The sound of your voice, providing you with encouragement and support, is then coupled with a deep feeling of relaxation as you drift into a meditative state.

Sonya Pelletier then provides clients with a guided process, that accesses their power to center thoughts and energy into positivity that emanates from inside you so you can begin to illuminate your life. You possess the power to change your thinking, to restore the balance of your life. The proven techniques of guided meditation provided by the St. Esprit Spa will have you feeling better and living beautifully.

St. Esprit Spa also offers a number of restorative services, including hypnotherapy, reiki and personal coaching. Contact Sonya Pelletier today at 978-994-6779 or vie email at and explore how, together, we can make you whole again.

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