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Energy Healing – Reiki Therapy

Energy healing is a prescription-free, non-invasive alternative to traditional medicine, relying on the power of universal energy, the mind and spirit to actively focus, and align energy in the body. By tapping into the awareness of energy and the sense of listening through touch and  non-touch applications, the practice and teaching of Reiki by the practitioners of St.Esprit Spa use energy healing to relieve stress and foster health.

As a vital part of the St. Esprit Spa experience, we offer several forms of energy healing modalities that revere your true self and whole-being. As a traditional Japanese healing technique, Reiki is practiced by placing hands slightly on or above the body which may also involve a series of methodical movements and symbols.

Energy modalities help you regenerate and align your flow of life force energy to aid the repair process of your body, calm your mind and revitalize your Spirit. Ki, or spiritual energy is felt in realm of the palms of the hands of the practitioner who is facilitating the energy work, and helps the body align with it’s higher energy vibration. Rather than prescribing medication or using specialized equipment, Reiki is administered through touch and non-touch applications. This organic energy can have a tremendous effect in accelerating your body’s natural healing process.

Restore your well-being and re-connect internally with life force energy healing. Contact Sonya Pelletier at 978-994-6779 or email today to schedule an appointment and start on the path to recovery.

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