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You have probably heard the expression that a person can’t see the forest for the trees. This usually means that we are so close to a situation that we only see a small version of the picture which leaves us severely limiting our range of choices, all the while thinking we are doing the right thing. Meanwhile, the magnificent landscape of opportunities and possibilities that are inherently available to us in the situation at hand, escape our perception.

Wise people keep wise counsel. Abraham Lincoln was smart enough to surround himself with people who did not necessarily agree with him. Successful politicians hire proven campaign managers for a reason. And the leaders of the largest corporations in the world have long known that the key to their success is employing people who are smarter than they are in a certain field, and letting them do their jobs.

Working with a personal coach, a person who is trained to help you dissolve problems and emotions, who provides you with new and replicable tools to handle difficult situations, is a life changing experience. Very often the coach helps you to uncover answers that you already have, which is a very empowering experience. Selecting the right personal coach for you can elevate your thinking, help shift your perspective to view problems from entirely different angles, result in higher degree of compassion, and give you much more latitude in all the decisions you must make.

Sonya Pelletier is an accomplished personal coach, helping people just like you to engage their thinking in a much more confident and effective manner.

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