St. Esprit

Personalized Coaching for Greater Self-Expression and Mindful Health & Beauty

St. Esprit Spa offers accessible beauty and wellness therapies that complement, comfort and lift your spirits – helping you relax and renew.

We provide a whole-being approach in restoring your sense of confidence and joy, both inside and out, inspiring you to look good, feel better and live beautiful.

Our combination of unique, wholesome products and signature services are intended to promote and support your well-being while addressing both specific personal goals and supportive care needs in the comfort of your own space.

St. Esprit recognizes the importance of feeling good about yourself and connecting to what really matters at times when you are at a crossroad or a crisis.  We understand that life is always at some unique turning point… Our mission is to offer a sort of celestial refreshment as you recognize, adapt, and seek to integrate your spirit and self expression during times of transition. It is your natural resiliency and willingness to adapt that sustains you as you surrender to the leaps of faith, that lead you to your most cherished pursuits. Life is beautiful…may it be beautiful for you!

I invite you to peruse my website  at your leisure and call me if you would like to talk.

Sonya Pelletier

St. Esprit