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St. Esprit Spa is proud to be a sponsored partner with Juice Plus+®, one of the most thoroughly researched, remarkable and trusted brand name nutritional product available today. Made from the concentration of more than 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, Juice plus+® and Juice Plus+ Complete® beverage and Chewables can be the perfect pairing for any healthy diet and sports nutrition.

Juice Plus+® Complete, flavored with French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate is your healthy, affordable alternative to flavorless, artificial meals and chalky, nutrient shakes that stagnate inside your body, weighing you and your spirit down. Starting with the Tri-blend; The Garden, The Orchard and The Vineyard to ensure “a full rainbow of nutrition” each capsule contains whole food based nutrition of fruits and vegetables to improve your physiology and enhance your life. Juice Plus+® is not a replacement for the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables but can help bridge the gap for when you don’t have the time to enjoy a full serving.

Want the real thing? Soon you can have the freshest vine ripened fruits and vegetables, conveniently and efficiently by growing your own with the Juice Plus+ Tower Garden. No weeding necessary! Check it out for yourself at

Intelligent Nutrients, is our premier certified organic health and beauty care that offers a variety of nutraceutical supplements and  multi-function aromatics.  Practice  skin salvation with Just four Intellimune® super-antioxidant – omega-powered steps: Purify. Feed. Restore. Protect. The beautiful truth: the best skin comes from the best function. Our Intellimune antioxidant blend is a powerhouse of the world's most potent natural inflammation and degradation fighters. When skin works its best, it looks its best. This is certified organic nutrition to create the immunity that results in beautiful skin.


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Find out today how you can make the most of your diet and well being. Contact Sonya Pelletier at 978-994-6779, via email at or visit the St. Esprit Spa Juice Plus+® partnered site at:

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