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Sometimes, all you need is a running start in order to take the leap that will change your life. You have a mission, a purpose to fulfill, and remaining engaged in the process is essential to who you are as a person. Sometimes we create blocks in our lives that get in the way of our journey without knowing that that is what we are doing. These activities could take the form of unhealthy obsessions, poor nutritional habits, addictive behaviors, and negative relationships – all of which are the cause of much stress and discomfort.

Mindful Health and Self-Realization, as practiced and taught with St. Esprit Spa is all about taking a step back and understanding the forces that are working for you. We show you how to use the anxiety and stress as positive energy that you can use to help transform your life. We help you to accept and embrace where you are and who you are in order to help you to begin charting a course toward creating a new reality for yourself.

Using the energy that stress creates is akin to increasing the tension that one would create on the bow string as you draw back the arrow. The tension is the force that finally releases the arrow to fly free and true. When you learn to notice the subtle ways you block yourself from realizing your true potential, you can take the necessary steps to eliminate these road blocks and enjoy the process of living and expressing a genuine and beautiful you!

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